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Best Execution in Audio

Best Technical Execution


Best Execution in Audio


"Audio comprises one third of the sensory communication we experience with games; we can use it as a mechanism to provide feedback – to reward or punish activity. We can use it to enhance the sense of flow and connection. It can also be used to make our games come alive. That is exactly what this years winner of Best Execution in Audio achieves."

Beat It is a 2.5D side-scrolling shooter and puzzle game. What makes this game unique and different from all the other shooters is that you play to the BEAT of the music. The music you play to will make the game come alive and almost everything you see will move to the beat of the music. The intensity of the song you choose doesn't only influence the feedback you get in the level, but it also influences your opportunity to score BIG! The higher the intensity of the song, the higher the multiplier will be and the more points you can accumulate.


Modelling and UV-mapping

Environment pieces



Logo creation



Finding music

Project made at Futuregames

4 weeks of development time

2 designers

3 artists


To create a vehicle based game with some kind of proxy element in the Unity engine.

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