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A fast-paced and gravity-defying runner in Space. Help space adventurer Captain Mishap and his trusty sidekick Mr Meowkins out of pickles in never before explored corners of the universe!


The goal of the game is to clear each map by running, sliding, jumping and by changing gravity. Collect stars and other unique items in each map to beat new records and unlock new worlds.


Character rig - Setting up a body rig in Advanced Skeleton.


Skinning and animations - Done in Autodesk Maya.


Unity -Setting up the blend tree, importing the finished animations into Unity, light scripting for the Mecanim Animator..


Sounds - Finding sounds for ingame use.


Art - Conceptual art for modular platforms.

Project made at Futuregames

7 weeks of development time

3 designers

4 artists


To create a fast paced casual action game for Microsoft.

Had to be suitable for multiple platforms, be family friendly (no graphic violence), and look spectacular and fluent.

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